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Managing Pain in Patients with High Blood Pressure: Is There No Safe PATH?

Pain and hypertension are two of the most prevalent conditions worldwide. Acetaminophen is often considered the “go-to” and the “safe” over-the-counter analgesic for patients with hypertension because it is not commonly believed to increase blood pressure or cardiovascular events. But is that assumption grounded in evidence?

Guest Authors: Lizzie Baumeister, PharmD and Austin Morgan, PharmD, BCACP, CDCES

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Mind Over Migraine: Can Mindfulness Improve Outcomes?

Nearly 12% of the population suffers from migraine headaches — which not only negatively impacts patients, but causes a major “headache” for the healthcare system, costing billions for treatment, evaluation, and lost productivity costs in the United States alone. Two-thirds of patients discontinue prophylactic or abortive migraine therapies due to ineffectiveness or adverse effects. Can mindfulness exercises help migraine sufferers find their “Zen”?

Guest Authors:  Denver Shipman, PharmD, BCPP and Elizabeth Cook, PharmD, AE-C, BCACP, CDCES

Guest Panelist: Rebecca Castner, PharmD, BCACP, AAHIVP

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Extracting Data on CBD: Effects on Opioid Use and Quality of Life

Sales of cannabinoid-containing products continue to rise. In 2020 it became a billion-dollar industry. With the increased use and popularity of CBD products, every clinician needs to critically appraise the evidence to determine if CBD should play a role in pain management and help educate patients about the potential risks.

Guest Author:  Alex R. Mills, PharmD, BCACP, AAHIVP

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Is the Grass Really Greener? Cognitive Function After Discontinuation of Cannabis

Cannabis use is a hot topic among patients and in healthcare circles. Cannabis is used by an estimated 20% of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients to ameliorate symptoms such as spasticity, pain, and insomnia. Unfortunately, both MS and regular cannabis use can negatively impact cognition. Determining whether cognitive impairment can be reversed upon discontinuation of cannabis can help to distinguish its beneficial and harmful effects in patients with MS. It might also provide insights regarding the reversibility of cognitive impairment when cannabis is used for recreational purposes.

Guest Authors:  Lindsey Trotter, PharmD; Sean Smithgall, PharmD, BCACP; and Nicole Slater, PharmD, BCACP

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Another Case of Newer Isn’t Always Better! Gabapentin vs. Pregabalin for Chronic Sciatica

Sciatica is a form of neuropathic pain which can be particularly frustrating for patients and difficult to manage. With a lack of evidence to guide treatment and opioid use becoming increasingly under the microscope, data supporting the use of alternative pain regimens are needed. Gabapentin and pregablin are GABA analogs often used to treat sciatic pain, but is one superior to the other? Pregabalin is newer and available as a branded product only, but is it more effective than generically available gabapentin?  A recently published study attempts to answer this question.

Guest Authors:  Austin Morgan, PharmD and Frank Fanizza, PharmD

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Painstaking Efforts to Improve Opioid Stewardship

Drug overdose is now the leading cause of death among Americans under the age of 50.  In 2016, the United States (U.S.) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a seminal guideline for primary care clinicians regarding opioid prescribing. These guidelines are now being implemented by clinicians, insurers, and healthcare institutions. The Transforming Opioid Prescribing in Primary Care (TOPCARE) study sought to assess the impact of a multicomponent care management intervention on opioid stewardship in four primary care centers.

Guest Authors:  Lucas Hill and Jennifer Shin

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Wrapping up Knee Pain: Cabbage Leaf Wraps for Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Cabbage leaf wraps (CLWs) … the newest health craze trending on social media? A culinary masterpiece? Or an effective complementary treatment for osteoarthritis (OA) relief? A recently published study attempted to answer the latter question.

Guest Author:  Emily Prohaska, PharmD, BCACP, BCGP

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