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Preventing Weight Gain - Recommending Behavior Change in Young Adults

We're all aware that there is an obesity epidemic and its linked to dozens of health problems.  But nothing we've done so far — public awareness campaigns, changes in school lunch programs, and approving new drugs for weight loss — has halted this epidemic.  The prevalence of obesity continues to climb in young adults  and most of us keep packing on the pounds as we get older!  Thus preventing weight gain in young adults is critically important to long-term outcomes. The recent results of  the Study of Novel Approaches to Weight Gain Prevention (SNAP) provides evidence to guide recommendations for behavioral change. 

Televised Medical Talk Shows – Is There Truth in Edutainment?

Televised medical talk shows have become a daily viewing ritual for millions around the world. The Dr Oz Show is so popular that it earned him the title “America’s Doctor”, attracting massive numbers of followers as did the show The Doctors.   To what extent are the recommendations and claims made by medical shows supported by evidence? 

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