Televised Medical Talk Shows – Is There Truth in Edutainment?

January 26, 2016

Televised medical talk shows have become a daily viewing ritual for millions around the world. The Dr Oz Show is so popular that it earned him the title “America’s Doctor”, attracting massive numbers of followers as did the show The Doctors.   To what extent are the recommendations and claims made by medical shows supported by evidence? 


Preventing Gestational Diabetes with Myo-Inositol: Ready for Prime Time?

January 8, 2016

With increased emphasis on disease prevention, gestational diabetes (GDM) is worthy of more attention. The incidence is on the rise not only in the United States (U.S.) but worldwide. Complications of GDM such as preeclampsia, cesarean delivery, neonatal hypoglycemia, macrosomia, and birth trauma negatively impact maternal and fetal health. Is a readily available, non-prescription dietary supplement the answer? Recent investigations have examined the use of myo-inositol for GDM prevention, with positive results.